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Achievement_Tiny-Huge, is a map and an achievement server on Team Fortress 2. This Wiki will contain trivia and extra information about the server.

Achievement Tiny-Huge

TinyHuge's official server name is Achievements 24/7 Practice+Trading+Idling. Other unofficial names include Achievement TinyHuge, Achievement 24/7 Players Club, and so-on. It took on the name Tiny-Huge because the server's map is based on Super Mario 64's "Tiny Huge Island".

TinyHuge Server

An image of Practice Room

Basic Server Info


December 2008

Reformed June 7th 2009



Official Maps
  • achievement_TinyHuge-h25a
  • achievement_TinyHuge-h25a-night
Max Player Count 32
Official Language
Server Ranks
Slot Reservation VIP+
Server Type Achievement
Server Host Dallas, Texas, United States

The map Achievement_tinyhuge was originally created by Steam user Maikbey, who uploaded the first versions to GameBanana . This caught the attention of the server Administrators, so they requested to use Maikbey's map on their server, and it was accepted. Since then, Achievement_TinyHuge has been edited by other map creators, the server uses an edited version to this day. TinyHuge is generally known for its Spawn and Practice Rooms, since that is where most players go to hang out.

It is a common misconception that the server offers free items using a specified command, this is untrue. Most variations of the commands auto-kick the player from the server when typed.

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